We are all about cooperation

Today‘s challenges cannot be tackled effectively, if we dwell in isolation. Meaningful solutions emerge as a result of constructive teamwork.

M1ND offers space and tools for learning, exchange, and raising self-awareness - for all meaningful innovations-relevant competencies.

Defining Strategic Design

Strategic Design provides cognitive framework for people to cooperate. The purpose of strategic design is not designing objects, but constructing the right environment, as well as offering methods and tools needed to make joint decisions. This way complex challenges can be confronted in the most effective way, boosting teamwork synergies.

M1ND - the first lab to experience the impact of strategic design

Design Competence

M1ND was founded because true design competence brings value in many contexts. Design as an all-encompassing concept, not limited to style and product aesthetics only, is a powerful strategic instrument to solve many challenges and reduce complexity of daily business.

Unleash the
power of innovation  
and boost deep

We, the founders of M1ND, have decades of experience with innovation projects as team leaders, executives, coaches and designers.
We have experienced that the emergence of innovations cannot be controlled, automated or predicted. However, we frequently observed that carefully crafted, accommodating conditions have made true innovations possible.
M1ND is our contribution to empower people providing the skills, mindset and experience to make more of one of their most important talents - cooperation.