Design competence: a matter of practice.

More Design Competence = More Efficient Product Development

Based on your visions and needs, we strategically design customized program contents and structures to enhance the level of design skills and know-how in your company.
We train design leads, designers and employees from other areas on how to break down divisions within the organization and tackle problem-solving with creative tools. Together, we identify content, purpose and desired outcomes of each training tailored to your needs, your participants and your schedule.

We believe to achieve the best learning outcomes are created through customized trainings that fit your business.

Power your business with Strategic Design

Fill up the common existing gap between company leadership and employee capacity.

Empower your company with the know how and tools to really analyze the problem before analyzing the solution.

Get the know-how to create the impact you wish to have on your business.

How we design our trainings...

Citizen Designer for digital applications at Deutsche Telekom AG

Purpose: The key question was how employees like requirement engineers without a formal design education can deliver professional contributions in the development of digital applications and websites at Telekom.
Desired Outcomes: We call this approach to a design role a Citizen Designer. For this training we set the focus on the visual design for digital applications. Participants will complete a project and learn the design basics along the way. State-of-the-art approaches such as design patterns, systems and guidelines will give the participants a quick sense of achievement, while there is also enough time to share the learnings as a group. It will be both a personal journey to discover new skills within themselves and a collaboration exercise where they will learn how to effectively compare notes, develop improvements and assess results.

Understand the design mindset use tools and understand tool chains

Release your design talents and apply them directly.

Learn how thinking and doing are interconnected.

Learn how to collaborate on design tasks in a team.

Make professional contributions in the development of digital applications and websites.
Details: This was a remote Deep Dive Training spread over 2 months and will easily integrate into everybody’s busy working life.

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Our operating models...

We operate in different models: as an external lab contributing to your organization, as a peripheral unit closely aligned with your unit, or as integrated modules within your project needs.

Our training formats...

We offer a variety of training formats to exchange knowledge.

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