Citizen Designer For Digital Applications

Unleash your hidden talents for design in innovation and product development.

Target group:

Design Manager


Frontend Developer

Product Designer

Product Developer


UX Expert

Product Owner


UX Design

Citizen Design


2 Months


FFM / Remote (Hybrid)




Half day 09:00 - 13:00


2 Months


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Why should you take this

Tight budgets, scarce resources but a project that can't wait? Use this M1ND Deep Dive and take advantage of modern design systems, guidelines, component libraries and no-code tools to implement ideas independently and successfully. Guess what – anyone can be a designer! We call it a “citizen designer”.

What will it look like?

Designing means that we are both thinking and doing. And this is exactly what will happen: Within this Deep Dive, you will complete a project and learn the design basics along the way. Innovative approaches such as design patterns, systems and guidelines will give you a quick sense of achievement, while there is also enough time to share the learnings as a group. It’s both a personal journey to discover new skills within yourself and a collaboration exercise where you’ll learn how to effectively compare notes, develop improvements
and assess results. And of course, we have your back: This course has been designed to easily integrate into your busy working life.

- Understand the design mindset

- Learn how thinking and doing are interconnected

- Release your design talents and apply them directly

- Learn how to collaborate on design tasks in a team

- Make professional contributions in the development of digital applications and websites

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We provide cutting-edge training programs for everyone who wants to use design as a strategic instrument for innovation. We are looking for trainers, practitioners, design experts, coaches and facilitators who want to share their skills in a new environment.

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