Strategic Design Sprint

Benefits, practice and implementation of Strategic Design

Target group:

Product Manager

Innovation Manager

Product Designer

Product Owner

Design Manager

UX Designer


Strategic Design

Innovation process



3 Days


FFM / Remote (Hybrid)




Full day 10:00 - 17:00


3 Days


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Why should you take this

Strategic Design Sprints are an invitation to discover autonomy in thinking and acting. The methods and processes can be applied individually and together in a team. The basis is voluntariness and self-responsibility, without concepts of pressure or the use of power. This Sprint is about creativity in discovery and ideation, but also about analytical clarity in problem framing, execution and testing. The program provides participants with the necessary sensitivity to the challenges and opportunities inherent in this innovative format, no matter which topic. 

What will it look like?

We will start with an introduction, dive into processes, methods and the choreography, all with practical examples. Individualisation -as an essential factor for success- will be elaborated during group work. That way participants will have the necessary practical knowledge on the topic in the shortest possible time. Strategic Design Sprints are formats in which we face the unknown, the complexity of innovation and the challenges of joint creative work as a team. These topics are by no means simple and are therefore handled with a special sensitivity. What are the roles in a sprint, how do you invite participation, how do you make decisions? In addition, the program clarifies how this format can be established in organisations.

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We provide cutting-edge training programs for everyone who wants to use design as a strategic instrument for innovation. We are looking for trainers, practitioners, design experts, coaches and facilitators who want to share their skills in a new environment.

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