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What is design competence? Explore and get involved with new skills, cultures and habits and experience how to apply design as a strategic tool for sustainable problem solving. Lay the foundation for more creativity, better collaboration, a common language and conditions that sustainably establish design as a fixed and verifiable success factor in your company.

What will it look like?

It is no secret that organisations that are characterised by good design increase their turnover and return on investment faster and in a more sustainable way. They adapt more quickly to new conditions and show a significantly higher speed of innovation. Even though there are now good examples proving the significance of design, many organisations have not yet caught up with this development. Some have started ambitiously but are stuck in an implementation crisis. Others might be interested but are not yet able to assess the dimensions of design competence and its impact on the organisation and are looking for an entry point into the complex topic. This programme makes it possible to understand design competence and helps to navigate qualified entry points into this field. 

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We provide cutting-edge training programs for everyone who wants to use design as a strategic instrument for innovation. We are looking for trainers, practitioners, design experts, coaches and facilitators who want to share their skills in a new environment.

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