Strategic Design

Defining Strategic Design...

Strategic Design provides a cognitive framework for people to cooperate. The purpose of strategic design is not designing objects, but constructing the right environment, as well as offering methods and tools needed to make joint decisions. This way, complex challenges can be confronted in the most effective way, boosting teamwork synergies.

It's about efficiency
and innovation

Strategic Design optimizes existing processes and / or develops new ones. With Strategic Design trainings, you can address pain points within your design processes or teams. This way your company can increase efficiency, deepen competencies and strengthen the quality of work. M1ND trainings equip your company with hybrid employee profiles capable of applying the principles of strategic design in any area of your business.
Our Strategic Design Framework empowers organizations to be more innovative. Integrating Strategic Design can support this at all levels of function and interaction. Its unique strength is that it provides all stakeholders with a common guiding principle that translates into a common language and is comparable to an operating system in the way it works. By sharing a common direction, teams gain traction and their work becomes more cohesive within the organization. To this end, Strategic Design combines proven tools for managing the design process and business development to ensure the transformation of good ideas into commercially successful innovations. Last but not least, the process benefits the competencies of individuals, teams and the organization as a whole. Systematically develop your design competence.Industry leaders worldwide have shown that improved design competence has a positive impact on organization, operations and corporate culture. Companies that use design as a strategic tool transform key challenges such as digital transformation, recycling management and customer centricity into opportunities and successes better and faster. We love challenges where we can support and spread our strategic design know-how. With strategic design, projects become immersive learning spaces for the development and transfer of design competence. Openness and transparency enable close cooperation and lively participation in finding the right answers. Design embedded the right way is a powerful strategic instrument to solve challenges or wicked problems and reduce complexity of daily business.

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Yara Dobra
Head of M1nd