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The Strategic Design Academy.

This space is for you and your organization to practice, experience and discover design as an instrument for innovation.

Use design as a tool for innovation in your company.
Creative companies come up with ideas and solutions. Take advantage of the ideas and possibilities uncovered in your company to secure the future.
We improve design skills in organizations to unlock creative thinking and problem-solving.

Our trainings...

Train how to think, act and innovate like a designer
with our
Citizen Designer

Train the business perspective in your design practice with our
Design Professionals trainings

Train how to scale design in the organisation with our
Design Management trainings


What our
participants say...

Vera Conradi Deckert
Telekom AG
I just wanted to expand my knowledge since I've only been working in UX for about 1 year and haven't worked in a designer role before. This training was definitely relevant for future projects.
I would do a workshop or course with you again any time.
Telekom AG
Especially in the research phase and from there to the first prototype ideas, I still had gaps in how to do it optimally. I really like your approach to this and I'm already actively implementing it on the job.
Steffen M.
Telekom AG
As a usability engineer, due to the lack of designers, we will also take on more designer tasks. The training was therefore very relevant for my career
Anna M.
Telekom AG

We create learning spaces to improve the design skills in your organizations. Unlock creative thinking and problem-solving with your employees.

We are convinced that you don’t need a design degree to use design strategically. Everyone can design, most of us have simply forgotten how. So it’s time to bring the skills we thought we’d lost back to the surface. The good thing about it is that you can start right away. Every person in every position is able to design something. When design is used to identify potential opportunities and risks at the very beginning of development processes, all subsequent development phases also benefit. More design competence therefore makes processes more efficient overall. And products and innovations reach the market faster. Is design relevant for your company?
What is the status of design competence in your company? Whether and which competencies are available and how they are distributed can be determined for individual teams or the organization as a whole. To get started, answer the following questions to find out where ...

Some of our upcoming

Citizen Designer for Digital Applications
Thinking Hands
Strategic Design Sprint

Citizen Designer for Digital Applications

Deep Dive
Unleash your hidden talents for design in innovation and product development.
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